11 Things  you Must Have in Your Dream Bedroom- Tapart Decor

11 Things you Must Have in Your Dream Bedroom- Tapart Decor

November 10, 2021

Desiring to have a perfectly, tranquil bedroom that screams comfort and relaxation? Then creating your dream bedroom is so important, given how much time we spend in this room, while simply curling up away from the world. Check out living room canvas art, art prints for bedroom, wall art for bedroom

Having a cozy bedroom you know you can retreat to is one of the most important elements of wellbeing. Here’s the ultimate must have list for your dream bedroom:

  • A Statement-Making Bed
  • Undoubtedly, the bed is the center of any bedroom. Choose a comfortable bed and to add a stylish feature, incorporate a headboard, also for back comfort especially while reading a book in bed. However, if there is no space for a headboard, you want to paint or wallpaper one wall, to create a feature wall. 

    Also, compliment your bed with a comfortable mattress and good pillows to inject a sense of luxury into your bedroom. Whether your bedroom is small or large, these are necessities not to be overlooked. 

  • Quality Bedding
  • Every bedroom needs clean, quality, and fresh-smelling bedding. These must haves set the tone for your space, and they're easy to change up – you need do it at least, once every week 

    Get a few sets of white bedsheets within your budget and top it off with duvet covers. These play off well for a perfectly-made bed.

  • Cozy lighting
  • For a well-lit room, you need to layer your lighting. 

    Instead of going for just one overhead lighting that doesn’t properly distribute the lighting, you want to install more than one lighting feature to ensure you can switch off the lights at the bedside without having to cross the room. 

    Dimmers help create a serene evening ambience in the bedroom while dimmable downlights work well for task lighting. 

    You can also opt for a wall-mounted lamp rather than a bedside lamp, if space is limited. Just pick an elegant shade to add more detail to your décor. 

    Also, it is preferable to pick a warm yellow quality of light, rather than a cool, blue light for a calm bedroom ambiance. 

  • Plush Layers
  • Take your bed-making skills to the next level by incorporating a layer of fluffy pillows and blankets. Choose at most five accent pillows and just one throw draped over the end. Layer as desired to create a hotel-like bed.

    You want to go for colors that match with your existing color palette to create a cohesive space, so desired in the bedroom. If you have white or other plain colors for your bedding, pairing with patterned layers will help accentuate the space. 

  • Update the Curtains
  • If you’re still seeking that finishing touch for your dream bedroom, your room likely needs window treatments. In the bedroom, a two-layered approach to window treatments is often the most effective since one layer provides style, while the other provides privacy (sheers) or blocks light (blackout).

    You could be having some already, so, give your bedroom a facelift by changing the curtains to fresher ones. 

  • Plush Rug
  • An area rug not only defines the space, it also adds warmth to your feet and injects style and texture into your bedroom. 

    Go for a stylish, plush rug that screams comfort to make your dream bedroom very inviting. Also, you can go big with an under-the-bed rug or only use a small bedside option.

  • Dressed Walls
  • Create a focal point in your bedroom by dressing up an accent wall with wallpapers. 

    The wall behind the bedhead is a particular favorite option, especially if your bed has a headboard. For the kids’ rooms, choose a colorful option while a subtle graphic will help inject sophistication to a grown-up haven.

  • Introduce Scents
  • Have some good smells floating in the air. First, get rid of any kind of odor-from dirty clothes or clutter. Grab some fragrant plants too for a naturally good-smelling home. Good organic candles are also a great option.

  • Stylish Storage
  • Let’s face it. Unless you have a laundry or closet room, your bedroom will need proper organizers for your dirty clothes as well as clean ones.

    Invest in stylish storage-think a classic closet and a cloth bin. Other bedroom storage solutions like nightstands, dressers, book shelves, or an ottoman will come in handy since they allow you to tuck away bedroom essentials.

  • A Sitting Area
  • If space allows, create the ultimate in-hotel moment in your bedroom by introducing a living room feel by adding chairs, ottomans, artwork, books and sentimental items in a zoned area. 

    This will create a mini sitting area that adds a touch of class, coziness and functionality into your bedroom. 

  • Finish with Accessories
  • Hanging a piece of artwork and introducing a mirror to your bedroom walls is a great way to add decorative accents to your bedroom.  

    Also, add potted plants to inject more life into your space. As a savvy solution, pick a plant that cleans the air and doubles as décor- think aloe, ivy, and ferns.

    In order to create your dream bedroom, you have to carefully plan your space, injecting these dashes of inspiration for a dreamy sanctuary. Above all, always maintain functionality.


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