6 Simple Summer Wall Décor Ideas with Easy Steps by TapArt

6 Simple Summer Wall Décor Ideas with Easy Steps by TapArt

November 20, 2021

Summer calls for barbecue and garden parties, backyard pools and bonfires. While the idea of decorating your outdoors is great, attention must also be given indoors. Hence, this go-to guide on 6 simple summer indoor décor ideas to prepare your home for summer.

But before we transition our homes seamlessly, we must understand that summer is all about the cheerful, fun and fresh vibes. Our décor should reflect this aura. From inspiring shades to calming hues for living rooms, using approved summer colors can get you in the mood for the season.

Quick Tip…

Choose a theme for your home before you start decorating. Your personal design style will determine the theme you go for. Basically, a theme is the coordinated visual look centered around an idea while the design style is the arrangement or pattern of elements of a particular decorative work.


Think Bohemian style thus an orange-and-brown theme or a minimalist design that largely incorporates white, grey and lighter-colored choices for the theme.

It is also important to know that summer decorating is all about simplifying everything. A simplified space looks significantly spacious, bright and fresh enough for the season. Pack away the fur and wool rugs, blankets and excess throw pillows you use in the winters. Check also Wall Art for Bedroom

So, let’s bring in the indoor summer décor essentials already!

1. Light it up!

Open your windows and let in the fresh air and sunlight into the room, especially, early in the morning. And as the day goes by, consider using light drapes or window shades that allow in light whilst absorbing the heat for optimum temperatures.

You could also brighten up your home by using statement lights and geometric lamps.

2. Add Pops of Summer Colors

Pick a theme and it will be easier to know what colors to incorporate in your home.

E.g. A combination of yellow and white. Try just a few yellow throw pillows over your bold white sofa. You can also bring in accessories like brass trays on your table tops or a gorgeous lampshade to compliment the yellow color.

Other summery colors include: flame scarlet, blue-greens, off-white, classic blue, light blue, orange, coral, blush and neutrals.

3. Freshen Up with Pretty Flowers and Plants

Flowers and indoor plants are the perfect antidote to beating the searing summer heat. They are the easiest, cheapest and environment-friendly way to brighten up your home and bring light to your space.

While these indoor plants come in a range of options, fleshy and spongy succulents are highly favored for their ability to thrive in dry climates. Cacti and aloe vera are also indoor friendly and easy to maintain. 

When it comes to picking flowers, sunflowers have gained recognition and home owners are also growing sunflowers indoors given the right conditions. They help brighten any home and bring a sprinkle of summer to any room in your house.

Quick Tip...

If you love flowers and plants but the thought of upkeep is just too much, consider getting some artificial potted plants and flowers.

You also want to decorate with some oranges, lemons and limes by placing them in a bowl on your kitchen island or table top.

4. Treat your Windows

Summer means high temperatures thus increased indoor discomfort. No wonder many owners go for air conditioning as soon as the hot season hits. However, this can take a huge toll on monthly energy bills. 

To hack this, treat your windows instead. There are so many options available including window shades, blinds, drapes and curtains.

However, this summer, skip the usual fancy thermal curtains and try window shades that are famous for their unique design, style, and functionality. We particularly love zebra roller shades.

5. Dress up the Walls

When the weather is warmer, your rooms need a lighter touch. If you have been meaning to redecorate for a while, then now is your chance to spruce up the walls with some white or cream-colored paint. 

Need to fill up a blank wall? Introduce a mirror! Mirrors tend to open up your space whilst adding a touch of sophistication to your room.

You can also introduce a gallery wall or a large piece of wall art for your bedroom or living room, to easily level it up. And if you’re totally lacking options, go for a wallpaper to decorate your wall.

Some homeowners also use colorful wall shelves as functional accessories.

6. Get Some Humidifiers and Air Purifiers

Relaxing in a cool and fully air-conditioned home during summer will surely make you feel more comfortable. However, at this time of the year, the air inside your home can be more polluted than the outdoor air, giving your home an unhealthy environment.

To improve the quality of air inside your home, invest in a good quality air purifier like a charcoal bag. You also want to introduce an indoor fountain and use eco-friendly products while cleaning.

While fresh air and open windows are great to have during the summer, the heat is just too much sometimes. Running your air conditioner non-stop produces stale, dry air, making dry skin, dry eyes and dry sinuses a problem. Here, a good quality cool mist humidifier can help combat the issue. Have a look at Artwork for Living room

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