Art for Impact

May 21, 2021

An article written by Ratan Agarwal, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Carbon Group Global.


Few years ago, I stopped by a roadside stall in New York City drawn by simple but amazing colors in some of the posters and framed pictures on display. Being the only person at the stall, I was able to get full attention of the humble artist and soon found myself lost in the artist’s narration of his life back home and how he did a marvelous job of bringing out all that in full splendor! 

Suddenly the picture seems to be speaking to me in a very different medium -- almost thousands of lines all unseen on paper but deeply ingrained everywhere. I was left to wonder how many such artists are out there, how many more art pieces, and how many stories that the world-at-large has no clue about! 

Being an analytical nerd, it didn’t take me long to realize the number was in multiples of tens of millions. Taking it a step further, the next implication shook me a bit - that the world was grossly underserved, missing 99.9999% of the art choices because the vast majority of these faraway talented artists have no meaningful channel to bring out their art pieces to the average buyer.

When I translate that amazing immersive experience and taste of a culture far away I had a few moments ago, it meant a huge loss to millions of art-lovers worldwide. And even more, billions in lost monetization to the talented artists worldwide.

But we don’t have to live with that gap and challenge any further. TapArt, a brash new upstart, is solving these and in the process turning the erstwhile brick and mortar model of buying and selling upside down using smart and innovative technology. It enables artists in the remotest corners of the world to not only gain exposure for their work, but more importantly communicate the story behind their art to art lovers across the globe. This levels the playing field for the artists while enriching the product mix available for consumers like us to invest in original art from unique, authentic artists. 

TapArt aims to bring the world closer together by uplifting the economic lives of artists and communities, by bringing those lost billions in monetization, back into the hands of the artists. They transform the sterile process of yesteryear to an all engaging immersive experience, going into that world of artist that underpins the artwork, converting guesswork of understanding that attractive piece of art into an informed and long-lasting element of your life.

Join TapArt to discover and collect artwork for your home, while diving into the amazing story of the thousands of lines, and positively impacting the lives of the artist and their respective communities. 

This is the real triple-bottom line opportunity for everybody, not just the fancy of a select few impact investors.

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