Benefits of Art in your Home Office

March 25, 2021

The coronavirus is putting remote work to a gigantic test. And at a totally unprecedented scale. Last week, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google all told employees in Seattle to remain home

While some people prefer to work from home, others find themselves unproductive.

Work from home meme TapArt

That leads us to the question- How can we create workspaces in our home that can push us to be creative and productive? Data suggests it could be as easy as hanging up artwork.

According to Forbes, 78% of respondents in a survey of over 800 employees working for 32 U.S companies claimed that art in the workplace helped reduce their stress.

Here are some more reasons how art in your home workstation is going to help:

  1. Increased Productivity- Adding art can lead to a 17% boost in employee productivity. Plus over 80% of respondents feel that having art has a positive effect on their motivation and general work. Subjects in an Exeter study were asked to do an hour of work in four different environments ranging from the bare basics to an enhanced workplace with art and plants. The result: Employees worked 15% quicker in enhanced environments. And, they were 32% more productive if they also had personal input on the art in their surroundings. Caapua Art. Fernando Volken. Framed Print. TapArt
  2. Reduce Stress- At  The Cleveland Clinic, 65% of cancer patients say that art has helped reduce stress levels. And 39% say that art has improved their comfort level and helped better manage pain. Also, you don't need cold, hard facts to wrap your head around how a landscape or a tropical piece can have a calming effect on your psyche.        Frida Kahlo. Muhammed Sajid. Canvas Art Prints. TapArt
  3. Increased Creativity- Out of the box thinking does not happen inside a box. According to a 2011 University of London study, viewing beautiful art increases blood flow to what's known as the "joy response" part of the brain. Thus, viewing a beautiful piece of art can alter your physiology or help you see things from a different perspective. Floating. Kayne Walker. Canvas Art Prints. TapArt
  4. Better communication- Findings from a Harvard University study revealed that because art elicits an emotional response, it can pave the way to more open communication and interpersonal connections. 

To start off, ask yourself what feeling you want to experience in your workspace. Do you want something to motivate you? Do you want something that will push you to be creative? Or does feeling at ease matter more to you?

The answer to this question will lead you to the right art aesthetic for your workspace at home: surreal, motivation, zen, etc.

If you are beginning your search, check out TapArt.

TapArt curates artwork from talented digital artists globally and brings their designs to your door, ready to hang. With every purchase, you pay the Independent Artist behind the design. 

Shop canvas and art prints that will bring life to your walls and color to your life.

Keep Calm and stay virus-free! 

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