Promoting Your Artwork | Canvas Art, Wall Art, Art Prints

Promoting Your Artwork | Canvas Art, Wall Art, Art Prints

July 15, 2021

 An Artist in 2021 needs to be equipped with a wide variety of skills to build their brand successfully. While TapArt can handle order-fulfillment and customer service areas, it is still up to the Artists to fully leverage and grow their social media channels to promote their work. In this guide, we're going to help you figure out some of the best practices to ensure that you have the best experience working with TapArt (and make a lot of money). 

1) Content: 

A post may not play well with other posts in your feed because it is too personal, not personal enough, unrelated to your norm, or any number of other wild card factors that only you can recognize. People like to "get" something from you, so they pursue you. Do they aspire to learn? Feeling inspired? Perhaps they understand the underlying message or concept of your work. You should maintain consistency in various ways, such as color scheme, the overall aesthetic of your photographs and artwork, styling within your work, subjects covered, and so on. Having high-quality photographs (crisp, well-lit, and appropriate compositions) can also set you apart in terms of the content you post.

2) Link in Bio:

By adding a TapArt link to your profile on your social media bios, you can lead your most engaged audiences to shop for your designs! Since your followers on social media already know you and your artwork well, this is the audience that is easiest to convert into sales.
Use a URL Shortener service like or to post the link to your TapArt profile on your bio. This will also help you track click-throughs.

3) Sharing posts and stories:

By regularly sharing stories and posts about your work is available on TapArt, you can create more sales for yourself. Follow TapArt on Instagram and Pinterest to know when we're posting your artwork on our social media. 
Creating mockups of your design being used as a canvas/art print in an actual home will also inspire your followers to buy your designs.

4) Share your press mentions and special videos with TapArt:

At TapArt, we focus on educating our customers about the artwork and the artist before they buy. Whenever you are mentioned in the press/popular media, your work is recognized, or if you've just created a video talking about your passions and interests, please do share them with us. 
We'll make sure to add these mentions to your profile on TapArt and post them on our social media. We truly stand by our artists, and we're here to showcase your talents to a broader audience.

5) Share The Process of Creation

Your work is already admired by those who follow you on social media. Show them how you work if you want to make them something genuinely special to enjoy. People will be moved by the "behind the scenes" of creating a work of art.

6) Hashtags: 

People like to see more of the things they enjoy. If you only use famous hashtags, you're not only competing with a lot more people for a spot in that lineup, but you may also be missing out on your target audience. Simplifying your hashtags would attract your followers and fans who are specifically looking for you! Isn't that ideal? Using different hashtags on each post would also prevent your account from being flagged as spam. The app Tailwind has an excellent tool for finding and scheduling hashtags on your posts.

7) Writing Captions:

We believe that you should use a blend of long and short-form captions should be used during your feed. Your caption enhances your visual content value and can also be used to encourage your followers to take action. Some captions suggestion - what inspired a piece, a little insight into your mind that day, or even a good quote that goes with your photograph. We also recommend making your copy less about selling and more about sharing. A decent rule of thumb is to sell 20% of the time and service your viewers 80% of the time.

8) Planning tools and making a visual impact 

There are several tools available to assist in the organization of online media. In my content scheduling, we use a few services: Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram, Later for Instagram, and Trello for a more detailed content organizer.
Using planning apps also helps you create an apparent visual effect with your grid on apps like Instagram. If you choose to stick to a particular color scheme or grid style, Later and Tailwind both have a feature that allows you to see future content on your grid as you plan it.

As wonderful as the online world can be, there are still many tricky waters to navigate to build your brand successfully. While TapArt takes care of the heavy lifting for you, we could use your help in driving traffic to your profiles on TapArt. Your existing social media followers are your most engaged audience and possess the highest likelihood of buying from you. We wouldn't want your amazing followers to miss out on your designs or the quality prints that TapArt provides. 

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