Psychedelic Patterns

Stacey Whitmore

"Psychedelic Patterns" brings together vivid colors, swirling patterns, and is both intense and abstract.

A design that offers thought-provoking visuals for display in your home office and can add artistic flair to any wall.

Artwork by Stacey Whitmore. Painting without the ability to differentiate colors may seem far-fetched, but great artists always find a way to express themselves. As a colorblind artist, Stacey works to develop art that speaks both to him and others about the beauty that exists in nature and the cosmos.

His unique style represents the complex patterns and textures found throughout nature-- delivered through a post-minimalist perspective using both traditional and non-traditional techniques. Before he does a large scale painting, Stacey likes to do a color study to determine how the values will play together.

Artist Instagram: @stacey-whitmore

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