Muhammad Sajid

From the series of "Life"

The cycle of life is rather wonderful. It is indeed a boon, to be born into a world that’s so vibrant and alive. Bountiful nature, with its fruits, flowers, birds, and bees, is a magnificent feast to our senses. And in this big, beautiful, complex world, we set out to find our life’s purpose. We seek the path to success, the path to companionship, and the path to love. We’re in constant pursuit of ideas and souls that resonate with our own. We find means and ways to unleash the thoughts and imaginations, caged in our minds. We rise, we fall, we live and we learn. Extracting wisdom from each of our trials and triumphs. And eventually, our journey ends as we get absorbed into the ground, to be one with the very earth that we came from. Another chapter in the cycle.

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