Camilla Cavalli

Hi, Iโ€™m Camilla Cavalli, Iโ€™m 20 years old and I live in the italian part of Switzerland, Ticino. Iโ€™ve been drawing since I was little, but in a more serious and digital way for thee years now. Drawing is for me a way of expressing my feelings, my thoughts and myself and itโ€™s also something that always makes me happy to do.

Each of my drawings contain a message, that is up to the viewer to interpret and understand in their own way and itโ€™s transmitted by the color palette, the shapes and the subject on its own. I would describe my current art style as ยซ cartoony and simple ยป, but itโ€™s constantly mutating and evolving. I learned to draw digitally on my own, via trial and error, and soon I will be attending an art school.

Works Listed