Fireside Chat - 5th November

Event Description

The second episode contains. The conversation will explore a wide range of topics including where they look for inspiration, obstacles they confront, and their perspectives on the visual arts market. Right near the end of the session, there will be a 15-minute AMA where attendees can ask questions.

TapArt is a US-based online art market platform enables customers to take advantage of the full brilliance and diversity of artistic talent from around the world while also having a profoundly beneficial impact on the financial well-being of artists and the communities in which they reside.

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Our Speakers


Sarah Maacha

Sarah Maacha is an independent documentary storyteller, whose life spans chapters in Marrakech, Johannesburg, New York, and Paris among others. Her work exists within the intersections of the political and the personal, memory and history. Her first student film, was awarded best documentary at the Golden Acorn Ceremony at Skidmore College. Her first collaborative film The Transcontinental Journey was awarded the Skidmore Academic Pursuit Fund and is currently in post-production.


Haneen Elmahdi

Haneen Elmahdi is a young Sudanese student, environmentalist, history-lover, bookworm, writer and photographer. She is the owner of @cyrasjournal, a newly founded Instagram page where she shares some of her work. In her writing, she explores themes of longing, home, politics, love and belonging, while bending the English language to reflect the unconventionality of her context. She is passionate about politics, language, nature and music


Daniel da Trindade

"Daniel da Trindade is a 26-year-old creative entrepreneur, operations director, and former Malawian international swimmer from Malawi who is passionate about film-making, health, and impacting the lives of those he comes into contact with. He is currently the founder of Aesthetics Creative Agency. Daniel has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. Creatively, he has had two films become official selections at the Euro Film Festival in 2021 and 2022 respectively, namely "The Entomologist" and "Women Extraordinary


Lehlogonolo Mashaba

Lehlogonolo Mashaba was born on 14 January 1983, in the township of Kwa-Thema. In 2004 he enrolled at Artist Proof Studio, where he studied Design & Printmaking. After completion he took an internship Programme with Artist Proof Studio, and later became part of their PRO-Shop team as a Printmaker from 2004 to 2011. When he was part of the studio he became part of the outreach programme, being involved in workshops; 2007 - Block Print Workshop, Artists Proof Studios, Johannesburg (Project coordinated by the Art Bank) and 2008 Print Project, David Krut Workshop, Johannesburg

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Rayhana is a Moroccan-Canadian visual artist specializing in landscape photography. They are currently curating a climate art-centered exhibition with AL for the Arts. They are very passionate about decolonizing artistic spaces.

What to expect ?

  • How did you get started as an artist?
  • For someone just starting in the art world, what are three pieces of advice that you’d give them?
  • What would be the one thing you would change about this industry ?
  • & more