Hannah VanDuinen

VanDuinen Studio is a one-woman show crafted and owned by Hannah VanDuinen. She encourages everyone to indulge your creative spark, whether that means collecting art to make your space feel like home or making original works of your own. An interior design enthusiast herself, she particularly loves helping customers curate every detail with intention, from your most visible wall art to the tea towels you use in the kitchen and the thank you cards you send.

Hannah originally launched VanDuinen Studio as a way to sell her handmade jewelry. Then, when her first daughter was born in 2016, she realized that babies and tiny beads don’t mix very well! But even though her priorities changed and her creative outlet had to change, Hannah continued to shape her own career path through the studio. Today, she creates bold, joyful illustrations as original works of wall art and printed on a range of products designed to add the final touch to your interior design, taking your space from “project” to “home.”

Works Listed