Jamecia Horne

I’m a happy person who finds joy in creating art. I started in graphic design in 2008 using Microsoft Word and a prayer. It brought me so much joy to go from a blank page with an idea to a making this full-fledged piece of art that I can hold and present. A family friend told me there was a field of study if I wanted to pursue it in college, and I haven’t looked back. I went from playing around creating small art projects using random programs to figuring out how to be a trained artist. I learned to plan, to prep, when to scrap ideas, when to pursue ideas. Most importantly, I learned how to communicate through my art. Art is the simplest form of relaying messages, ideas, and emotions across the world, no matter the language. A saying I live by is find the thing you love so much that you’d do it for free. So now, I dedicate my free time to creating art that spreads joy.

Works Listed