Pauline SLF

I’m an eclectic self-taught artist from France. I fell in love with graphic design in 2018 when I had the amazing opportunity to work with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s production company « HitRecord » on a book project called « The art of breaking-up », published on January 2019 by Harper Design. I designed several pages of this book. I also created a few designs for a video game project called « Beyond good and evil 2 » by Ubisoft, contributed on several documentaries showcased at Sundance Festival in 2020, and I worked on « Create Together » which won an Emmy Award in 2020. All these experiences gave me confidence and made me wanna go on in graphic design. I still work on projects with HitRecord but I also fly solo. I create wall art for me, for my family, for my friends, and now maybe for the entire world ? I make colorful happy art, positive vibes and illustrated quotes. No place for darkness.

Works Listed