We bring artwork from the world's underrepresented artistic talent to your doorstep, ready to hang.


We believe that art should be accessible to everyone

Enjoy the full vibrancy and diversity of artistic talent from all corners of the globe while making a transformative impact on artists’ economic lives and their communities.

Artists from Bali, Accra, Bangalore, Rwanda, Rio among many other cities in emerging economies.  

Our Story

Our founding team- all of whom are art enthusiasts, started to come across a fascinating number of new digital artists through our freelance projects, studio work, and travels. We had been meeting these incredible artists who we wanted to root for and support, but there was really no way besides giving them a follow on Instagram.

As we spoke to more artists, we also learned how hard it was for an independent artist to get exposure and sales of their work online. The artists were so talented and their works were highly unique, yet there was only so much they could do.

So we built TapArt – a platform that helps talented artists, wherever they may be in the world, monetize their work while handing over the more insignificant functions like sales, order fulfillment, and customer service to us!

We hope you enjoy the artwork on our site, which is a selection truly representative of the entire humanity – not just the ‘privileged’ few (whether technologically or economically).

Reasons to love TapArt

Support the Artists

With every purchase you make, you get an artist paid from any part of the world.

Premium Quality

Breakthrough art is looking its best on breakthrough products.


All our items are manufactured using sustainable materials in the U.S.A.

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