Don't Waste Your Time

Anugrah Wayan

Explore something new today, follow the unknown, and add new experiences to your journey. Don't waste your time on what happened yesterday. It is time to focus on the future.

Your time is valuable. It’s a limited, finite resource that, once used, can never be reclaimed. Yet too many people waste it with little or no thought to the ramifications.

The perfect art piece for the creators in their workspace.

Designed by Anugrah Wayan, also known as Cmptrules is an artist who grew up in Bali, Indonesia. He is recognized for developing a unique vintage aesthetic. He began drawing as a child and gradually made his way to being a professional artist. Upon discovering oils in his early twenties, he became enamored with the medium and has been focusing on design illustration, logo, brand identity, branding, and packaging.

He worked for more than 32 clients including Hook & Irons, MakeShift Union, Dunwell, and many more.

Artist Instagram: @cmpt_rules

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