Peace of Mind

Preethika Asokan

All we need is peace of mind.

Set the tone for your room with this artwork!

Designed by Preethika Asokan, a Graphic Designer who works primarily with Illustrations and Branding, currently based in the UK. She uses art as a portal to her imaginative surreal world and a natural way to express herself. In the nature of things and their happening, there is wisdom and wonder. But they’re hardly noticed, admired, or even understood. So art is a way for her to renew a sense of wonder towards things that need admiration, and a way to immortalize human nature. She is fascinated by the mysterious outer space and obsessed with fractal patterns. She has created illustrations for more than 10 industries ranging from IT, healthcare, fin-tech, and many more…

Artist Instagram: @preethikaasokan

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